Heritage Home Repair offers a wide variety of services to help maintain and improve your home — kitchen, bath and room renovations, general repairs, outbuildings, and furniture repurposing.


Room Renovations:
Rethinking Your Space

Let us help you renovate your kitchen, bath or transform a room for a new purpose. Convert that unused room into a home office, update the nursery for a growing child, transform the basement into a game room. From painting, flooring, window treatments, storage, and wiring for all your electronic and digital needs, we will make your space work for you.



We build custom outbuildings that match or complement the style of your home. Whether constructed in the same style and with the same materials as the main house, or built to enhance your grounds or blend with the natural environment, we use quality materials and draw on our expert craftsmanship to create a structure that surpasses any mass-produced product.

If you need an outbuilding, storage shed or any type of play structure or enclosure, consider the design of these as carefully as you would that of your home. These structures, when done right, add value to your property and beauty to your landscaping.



Do you have a broken door, a hole in the sheetrock, or other repairs? We can do it all. We have over 18 years of experience tackling every type of home repair project you can imagine. Make your list today, and then with just one call, we will complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. We save you time and money.


Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle!

Everyone’s thinking ‘green’ these days, and before you toss those old furnishings out to the curb, give us a call. Let us help you transform your old or unused chairs, vanities, dressers, chests and more into something useful. From refinishing to repurposing, let our creative ideas breathe new life into old furniture. Whether it’s a straight refinish, or a playful reincarnation, our talent for design will help you enjoy a new, functional piece and save one more item from the trash heap.